Commercial offices focus on functionality and professionalism, leaving little room for desain rumah creativity. However, the design of a student incubation centre is a whole new ball game. While the space requires equipment, workstations, and facilities like those in a commercial office, it also needs to inspire creativity, considering the young minds who work within the centre. A student incubation centre aims to help budding entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into a viable business proposition. Therefore, the centre’s design needs to mix creativity and functionality in equal measure.

Designing an incubation centre won’t work with the cookie-cutter approach used for most corporate offices and commercial spaces. When FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd., based in Noida, took on the project, their task was to design and build a 27,000 sq. ft commercial space. The goal was to create a centre that encourages innovation by providing the students with a comfortable space that meets all their needs for equipment and facilities without neglecting to deliver a creative environment that fuels innovative ideas.

The workstations at the office are designed to ensure stability and comfort, two vital factors to facilitate uninterrupted workflow. The use of bright colours enhances the good vibes of the space. The workstations allow for collaboration and working alone, depending on the student’s needs. Every station has a dedicated computer and storage, ensuring privacy and security.